Ecclesiastes 6

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In Ecclesiastes 6 Solomon focuses on the plight of the man who loves riches.

Looking Behind

Ecclesiastes 6:10 is the physical mid-point of the book, and it serves as a topical midpoint. At verse 9 the phrase “chasing after the wind” makes its final appearance.

In the first half of Ecclesiastes, Solomon investigated the human condition and the challenges that life presents. He reflected on his own experience and shared his insights.

Ecclesiastes 6 Outline

Prosperity without enjoyment
God can withhold capacity to enjoy life.
Non-existence is better than miserable life.
Proverbs about contentment
Limitations of man
He cannot dispute with God.
He cannot predict the future.

Looking Ahead

In the second half, Solomon will offer practical advice for meeting life’s challenges. Motive, attitude, and conduct are brought into focus as Solomon zeros-in on the quest for what is good.

Blocks of proverbs characterize chapters 7 through 12. Most contrast wisdom with folly. Some examine work ethics. And a handful offer tips on how you should behave when in the presence of a ruler.

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