We hope the content below answers questions you may have about BiblePilot.com, and gives you a measure of confidence in recommending it to your friends and family.

About BiblePilot.com

The purpose of BiblePilot.com is to present the Bible in a clear, easy-to-read style that's especially suitable for internet readers. The goal is to create a good general reference guide that uses content from the Bible as its primary source of information. The target audience is the average reader looking for more information about the Bible.

The purpose of the site is not to highlight differences between religious views. There are enough divisions in the religious world. We hope that BiblePilot.com can be used as a resource by believers from a variety of denominational backgrounds.

The general pattern of the site's articles is to first present the facts as presented in scripture, and then to provide clarifying comments where needed. These comments are given with the understanding that they are no substitute for the Word of God.

As to the scholarship, the author employs a variety of commentaries and Bible aids. Hard study and personal insight is also part of the mix. Commentaries often provide unique insights into scripture, but must always be weighed carefully in light of the whole counsel of God. Any commentary ultimately provides an educated, and hopefully well researched, opinion of scripture.

About the Author

Ken Palmer lives in middle Tennessee with his beautiful wife and daughters.

A graduate of David Lipscomb University, Ken is a Senior Web Developer. He uses a large personal library of commentaries and study guides to prepare Bible lessons that he writes for BiblePilot.com, LifeofChrist.com, and for the Sunday morning Bible class he regularly teaches.

Ken is a member of the church of Christ, which is a non-denominational church with the tenet of "Speak where the Bible speaks, and be silent where the Bible is silent." Hopefully the content appearing at this site reflects that principle.

Scope of Work

BiblePilot.com is just one small resource in understanding more about the Bible. Presently the site contains very limited information. Our goal is to eventually present material for all the books of the Bible. Please pray for us that this ministry will be successful.