Luke 21

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Luke 21 contains prophecies concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and about the second coming of Christ.

Mount Olivet Discourse

Jesus warned his followers about the destruction of Jerusalem in Luke 21. He also warned that his return would be unexpected and sudden.

The Roman Army leveled Jerusalem in AD 70. The Romans also destroyed the Temple at that time.

Luke 21 Outline

The widow’s gift
Jesus predicts destruction of the temple. See Mark 13:1-2.
The Mount Olivet discourse (Matthew 24 and Mark 13)
Four fishermen question Jesus (Mark 13:3-4)
Warnings of wars, famine, and disasters
Be prepared to endure persecution
Gentiles will surround and destroy Jerusalem
Signs of Christ’s return
Parable of the fig tree
Be alert at all times
Jesus taught daily in the temple.

Mount of Olives

Commanding a spectacular view of Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives rises 200 feet above the city's eastern border. From antiquity, its slopes have been covered with Olive trees.

Jesus descended the Mount of Olives during the triumphal entry. It was here that he wept for Jerusalem (Luke 19:28-44). Jesus spent his nights on Mount Olivet during his last week (Luke 21:37). At the base of this ridge is the Garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus ascended to Heaven from the Mount of Olives, following his appearance to the disciples (Acts 1:1-12).

Roman Excavation of Jerusalem

After Titus captured Jerusalem in 70 A.D., Caesar ordered the troops to demolish the city. The temple and the walls surrounding Jerusalem were immediately leveled.

Soldiers knew that the Jews hid their valuables underground. So they excavated the city, tearing down walls of every building, in search of gold. For six months the Tenth Legion plundered Jerusalem. Captives helped the soldiers find most of the treasure.

This destruction was so complete that in 73 A.D. one historian wrote that Jerusalem was "demolished to the very foundations." Jesus predicted the leveling of Jerusalem in Luke 19:43-44, and the destruction of the Temple in Luke 21:5-6.

Fast Facts

  • The Roman siege of Jerusalem was so terrible that some mothers resorted to eating their own children.
  • Eschatology is the study of "last" things. It is a branch of theology that deals with the end of time. Luke 21 contains eschatological teachings.
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