Luke 3

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The ministry of John the Baptist is introduced in Luke 3. Examples of John's preaching, the baptism of Jesus, and the genealogy of Jesus appear in this chapter.

John the Baptist

John lived in the wilderness of Judea. He boldly preached to working men, religious leaders, and governing officials, encouraging them to repent. He baptized people in the Jordan River for repentance and the forgiveness of sins.

John came to prepare the hearts and minds of people to receive Jesus. His primary message was to repent.

Luke 3 Outline

Ministry of John the Baptist
Time markers to date beginning of ministry
Introduction of John and Isaiah’s prophecy
Examples of John’s preaching
Reference to John’s imprisonment
John Baptizes Jesus
Genealogy of Jesus

Genealogy of Jesus

Luke's genealogy differs from Matthew’s in that Luke traces the ancestry of Jesus through Mary, his biological parent.

When Jesus was baptized, God said "This is my beloved son." Immediately following this event – as if to confirm God's declaration – Luke presented a genealogy that stretched all the way back to God. Jesus was the son of God.

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Fast Facts

  • John rebuked Herod Antipas for marrying his brother’s wife. This lead to the imprisonment and eventual death of John.
  • John’s baptism was still practiced by some after the church was established (Acts 18:24-19:5).
  • Baptism was often performed in ritual purification baths called “mikvah.” Converts to Judaism and priests who were initiated into temple service were immersed in these baths.
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