Romans 15

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Romans chapter 15 transitions from the book’s ethical section to travel plans and personal greetings.


Paul encapsulated advice from the previous chapter in Romans 15:1. Responsibility for sacrificing personal liberties rests with the strong Christians, not with the weak.

Christ was our role model, who did not please himself. Rather, he suffered insult and indignity to build us up (Romans 15:4). Paul later bolstered this thought in Philippians 2:3-10.

Romans 15 Outline

Christian duties
Fortify the weak
Prayer for Christian unity
Christ: Servant of Israel, Hope of the Gentiles
Paul: Minister of Christ to the Gentiles
Travel plans of Paul
Wish to visit Rome and Spain (Romans 15:28-29)
Deliver contribution to Jerusalem
Prayers for safety in Jerusalem


The purpose of scripture is revealed in Romans 15:4. It was written for our instruction. We are expected to read scripture diligently, with perseverance. As reward for diligent study, we receive encouragement and hope.

God’s word trains us for righteousness, and fully equips us for every good work (2nd Timothy 3:16-17). Diligent study will increase your faith (Romans 10:17).


Paul repeatedly pressed the importance of Christian unity. In Romans 15:5-6 Paul inserted a brief prayer. Paul prayed that they would live in harmony with one another, and in accord with Christ, so that with one voice they could glorify God.

Paul characterized divisive men as self-condemned, and warned Titus to avoid them (Titus 3:9-11).

Paul emphatically urged the Corinthians to be united. In a fourfold appeal, Paul wanted them to agree, to have no divisions, to be united in the same mind, and to be united in judgment (1st Corinthians 1:10).

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